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Why Shop Locally?
Why Shop Locally?

Get Personal
At Merchants Square, we proudly support a wide range of locally owned retail and service businesses. At ALL of our merchants, you can come in and talk directly with the owner. Who better to answer a question or offer a recommendation... a store owner with years of experience and in-depth knowledge or an hourly employee at a corporate chain store?

Great Value and Variety
You might be surprised to find that in addition to superior service, our locally owned merchants also provide a great value for your dollar. We're equally proud of our terrific conglomeration of stores at Merchants Square. Stop in and check out a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, merchandise for your home, and personal services like salon styling, yoga, pedicures, manicures, massages, reflexology, and more. There's a great value waiting for you behind every door. Where else can you drop off your mail or UPS parcel, do your banking, have your clothes dry cleaned, have your hair styled, get a massage, and do some shopping all at the same convenient location with only a short walk to each store?

Support Our Community
Feel good about your shopping when you spend money at a locally-owned merchant. Did you know that by spending $100 dollars at a locally owned merchant you generate $45 worth of local economic activity compared to only $13 when you buy from a corporate chain?* In these tough economic times, you can feel good about helping out our local economy by shopping at locally owned and managed merchants like ours. Stop in and see the difference for yourself.

*Economic data from 'Economic Impact Analysis: A Case Study', by Civic Economics, December 2002